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Sanya (2011) - Holiday of Tropical Storm

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Date: July 1, 2011 (ignore the false dates in the photos = =)

Team: Fam + Zhang(friend)’s fam

Duration: 5 Days

Type: Free Tour

SOT (Songs of the trip, basically the music I listened during the trip and always reminds me of the trip afterwards):

Going Home - Kenny G

The trip to Sanya is the earliest, my memory of this trip is also the blurriest. The first thing that comes to my mind is the beautiful blue sky, and the gorgeous ocean I’d never seen in my entire life. I don’t know how long I had sat there and watched the sea, the South Sea of China, oh man. By the way, I just want to point out, why the hell did we go to Sanya in the middle of summer?? I don’t remember the reason for us to go there that time, but that’s not important, because the sea is my favorite place on Earth. Ever since I was little, my dream is to live by the beach. Therefore, from inside of my deep memory, I can still hear that pleasant laugh of joy we made over there. That’s right, we had a lot of fun there!

It was my first time living in a hotel that has an outdoor pool. Surprisingly I still remember the name haha: Timton International Hotel.

We were hanging out by the South Sea, what we called “dominate the ocean”.

Sanya has tons of decent beaches, although I forgot all of their names, my bad haha. At least I can recall two islands, West Island and Wuzhizhou Island. Because of the limited time, we could only go to one of them. Eventually we went to West Island as the locals recommended. Those locals were very experienced honestly, one of the must-do activities they recommended in Sanya is diving, so me and my friend Zhang bought a toy diving mask each. I was pretty silly at that time because I thought this would allow me to go however deep I wanted in the water. Later I realized I was supposed to breathe in the water using that short, thin tube, which could allow only my head to dive into water for just a little, unlucky. However, those were just for kids to mess around, we did go diving for real, for the 1st time in life. We were wearing those heavy, thick black outfits with a huge tank on the back. Our faces and heads were wrapped by some random equipment, which was connected to the tank using tubes. What we needed to do was to hold the other side of the tube in our mouths. That’s the whole diving outfit, honestly it felt very uncomfortable. When I went down into the water with my coach, holy cow my whole body was messed up and confused. There were also staffs underwater taking pictures for us while we were holding some sea plants and stuff (don’t ask me where the photos are because I have no idea as well maybe we didn’t buy it or something as well as I looked pretty ugly in the photo as I noticed my diving glasses were not properly placed on my face jdfiahdfiuoh%^#$…). I wasn’t going too deep, it was around 5 meters only because I was scared. To say the least, it was a fun and unique experience.

Here is the photo where we came up from the water:

The ocean was so beautiful that I don’t know what other word I can use for it rather than “beautiful” haha. Oh yeah almost forgot, we rented a driver. Because coming to Hainan Island required us to go across the ocean, we flew there without our car, so a rental driver was necessary. Our driver guarded our rental vehicle every day, and escorted us to the next spot whenever we showed up. That’s basically his job. He’s kinda handsome, unfortunately there’s no photo of him.. At that time I didn’t have the eagerness to take photos of the trip.

Just some garden:

Next is a significant mission - Guanyin worship!

I was questioning the name of this gate a lot (不 means not, 二 means two but also means stupid in slang). Now I still don’t know the true meaning of it..

Here is the legendary Guanyin:

As for the rest, it’s the vibe. Everyday we got a buffet for breakfast after we woke up, they had so much that I couldn’t even finish. People over there mostly ate seafood, which didn’t really attract me as I was a western food lover. After a day of craziness I wasn’t actually thinking about eating that much. The time of sunset in the summer of Sanya was typically around 7:30pm. The sunset was just like what my school textbook told me, it’s magnificent (No photo, as usual). Every night we were exhausted as our skins turned red, thanks to the 40 degree sun. However, it’s definitely one of the most meaningful trips, as it’s a celebration for my elementary school graduation, and most importantly, I got to see the ocean finally! Although I needed to say goodbye to my fresh bright skin, we had a good time!

At sunset, we said farewell to Sanya (the date is finally correct!!!).

Even though this tropical journey was impressive, it’s just the calm before the storm. That’s right, next up, the summer of 2012, the year that was supposed to be the apocalypse, after we took a winter break, we started the journey that changed my entire life — West US

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